Prohibited Shipping Addresses

I will not request that Best Value Ammo ship packages out of the lower forty-eight states of the United States or to California, Massachusetts, Chicago, New York City, or any other area that is prohibited by federal, state, or local law (Best Value Ammo LLC does ship to Illinois, New Jersey, New York State, and Connecticut where proper documentation is provided).

Order Cancellations

I understand that Best Value Ammo order system automatically submits my order to the Best Value Ammo warehouse for picking/shipping and that I cannot cancel an order once placed (seriously, our system sends your order to the warehouse within less than five minutes of being placed). I also understand that Best Value Ammo may cancel my order at any time if I have not abided by the Terms of Sale at which time a refund will be provided. I understand that if I refuse to accept delivery of an order that I placed, then Best Value Ammo will charge me the full cost of shipping plus a restocking fee equal to 10% of the value of my order. In this instance, the “full cost of shipping” is the cost to ship from Best Value Ammo warehouse to my house, plus the cost to ship back to the warehouse (which is the same amount as the initial shipment to my house). I will receive back the remainder of my original payment (minus shipping and restocking amounts, as explained above) as a store credit, not as a refund.

Return Policy

I understand that Best Value Ammo does accept returns for a defective or damaged product where customers notify them of such issues within 14 days of their order date. If there is anything wrong with my product, Best Value Ammo wants to make things right. Best Value Ammo just asks that I tell them about any issues quickly, within 14 days of my order date, so that they can serve me promptly. I understand that Best Value Ammo does not accept returns unless the product I ordered is defective or damaged. I am to email the Best Value Ammo team at I desire to discuss a return. Finally, I understand that Best Value Ammo may, at its sole option, choose to reimburse me by either a refund, a store credit, or a replacement of the product.

Shipping and Title

I understand that I will be responsible for selecting a shipping carrier to deliver my order to an address that I specify. I understand that I will take legal title to the products in my order once they are delivered to my specified address. I agree that the shipping carrier’s records as to when and where my order was delivered will be definitive and that I am fully responsible for my products once they are delivered.